Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Foundation updates for 2016!

Welcome to The Stan and Jan Berenstain Healthy Kids Foundation Blog. We are excited to let your know what we have been up to! This year the Foundation is focusing on contributing to Children’s health endeavors in Peru and Guatemala.

In Peru, The Foundation is supporting with Heart to Heart International to provide cardiac care for children born with congenital heart disease, who would not have access to life saving surgeries. 
Heart to Heart is sending teams of doctors not only to provide surgeries but to also teach and train Doctors in Peru, and set up the infrastructure to provide more standard cardiac care for future generations of Peruvian children  

Learn More about Heart to Heart and this project in the video below:

Advancing heart care in Peru from heart-2-heart.org on Vimeo.

In Guatemala, The Foundation is supporting  The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's surgical mission to Guatemala. In a similar trip last year over 64 Operations were performed to pediatric patients with a similar number expected this June. Images from the 2015 are included below.

We are very proud to be supporting both organizations and look forward to sharing the success of both organizations soon! To learn more about the Stan & Jan Healthy Kids Foundation please visit our website!

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